Shreela Tambe

Mumbai, India
Live Classes
Teaching Experience
4 years
Languages Spoken
English, Hindi, Marathi


I am a professional singer/performer and have been performing in live concerts and doing playback since childhood. Since last 4 years I have been performing in various cities of Germany, Switzerland & Austria for "Healing music" concerts. I am a sensitive and down to earth person with passion for music. I am learning Indian Classical music from Shri Sanjeev Chimmalgi.

Courses Offered

Classes are conducted online through Zoom

Hindustani Vocal - Beginner
Hindustani Vocal - Intermediate


Subscription Plan
Online music classes are offered in a subscription plan. You can either take private, semi private or group classes. Subscriptions auto-renew every 4 weeks. You can cancel anytime.
Price per class
Private (one to one)
30 minute
45 minute
60 minute
Semi Private (2 students)
30 minute
-not available-
45 minute
60 minute
Group (up to 4 students)
30 minute
-not available-
45 minute
-not available-
60 minute
Class Bundles (On Demand)
Bundles are good for task based learning. Some use cases are - to prepare for an audition, to perform on a stage or to learn a specific song.
Private - 10 class bundle
45 minute




Live performances in India, Germany, Switzerland & Austria for various musical genres like semi-classical, Natyasangeet, folk, ghazals, sufi, devotional, filmy & fusion
Playback for Marathi films: Sopan, Dum Asel Tar, Prem Pahila Vahila
Playback for Hindi album "Tu Hi Rab Hai" released worldwide
Playback for "Gayatri Mantra", "MahaAarti" by Times Music
"Bhaas Tuza" - single released by "Kingfisher Strong Backstage"
Playback for professional theatre plays
Portraying lead actress in the Sangeet Natak "Shatjanma Shodhitana"
Performed on Radio Mirchi & FM Gold Radio Stations


"Shri Shahu Modak Puraskar" from Pune Pratishthan
"Youth Nexus" award from Hindustan Times
"Sangeet Bhushan puraskar" from Ruia college
"Sa Re Ga Ma" Marathi Little Champ in the year 2000
Awards for musical competitions like Kshitij, Umang, Malhar, Swar Sadhana, Raag Ek Rang Anek, Balshri, Saam Gurukul