Padmaja Ganti

Hyderabad, India
Live Classes
Teaching Experience
26 years
Languages Spoken
English, Telugu, Hindi


I have learnt Carnatic classical music from Smt. J. Balasundari in Kothagudem who is a renowned lecturer in Women's college. Started teaching music to children since 1991. Have experience of teaching both Carnatic classical and Light music for almost 3 decades. Also know more than 200 Annamacharya and Bhadrachala Ramadas keerthanas.

Courses Offered

Classes are conducted online through Zoom

Carnatic Vocal - Beginner
Carnatic Vocal - Intermediate


Subscription Plan
Online music classes are offered in a subscription plan. You can either take private, semi private or group classes. Subscriptions auto-renew every 4 weeks. You can cancel anytime.
Price per class
Private (one to one)
30 minute
45 minute
60 minute
Semi Private (2 students)
30 minute
-not available-
45 minute
60 minute
Group (up to 4 students)
30 minute
-not available-
45 minute
-not available-
60 minute
Class Bundles (On Demand)
Bundles are good for task based learning. Some use cases are - to prepare for an audition, to perform on a stage or to learn a specific song.
Private - 10 class bundle
45 minute
-not available-




Given many performances


Won many prizes in singing competitions in school and college level
Won 1st prize in Padutha Haayiga (Khammam distinct level competition)